Atomlab™ 400 Dose Calibrator

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The Atomlab™ 400 provides fast, accurate radionuclide activity measurements with performance that easily complies with the most stringent regulatory requirements.

The unit is simple to operate. There is a routine list of ten pre-programmed isotopes plus another seven that are user selected from the library. The library contains 88 isotopes listed alphabetically, including Y-90 and Sr-89. Four isotopes are displayed at a time.

Activity is displayed on a LCD panel in either Curie or Becquerel units. Background correction is performed at the touch of a button. Range selection is automatic.

Activity measurements are performed by a microprocessor-controlled electrometer located within the detector assembly of the ionization chamber. The chamber is shielded with .25″ (6.3 mm) lead. It can be located up to eight feet away from the display unit. Chamber bias is generated within the display unit by an electronic high voltage supply, eliminating the need for expensive battery changes.

The RS-232 port enables the Atomlab 400 Dose Calibrator to communicate with most commercially available nuclear medicine management systems.